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Welcome To Our August 2015 Newsletter

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Welcome to our August 2015 newsletter. We have released an updated version of Chapter 8 of our DVD set Details Here. If you purchased series2014 Box Set you are able to download the Chapter 8 DVD for free. We will also be making some minor changes to the site starting this month. Details Here

We have a special video clip: behind the scenes of the Fireworks from 2008 and 2015. The video is 5 minutes long. 

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Our Disneyland History DVD's are the most popular item we have ever sold. We are shipping our series2015 version NOW. Our Full Version and Current Attractions version are currently available. Order your Disneyland History DVD Full version NOW and we will ship it in 3 days. As a bonus if you order the series2015 Box set in 2015 you will be able to download our updated Chapter 8 DVD for free when we release it in July 2016 ! We offer a 50% discount to our Gold Members. We do ship international orders also. 

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Anaheim August temps are normally in the mid 80's in the day time and in the mid 60's at night. This month this would be a great month to visit the resort!
In July we added 8 new Onstage Photos.

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Hugh Allison our senior columnist returns with  his new article:

California vs. Paris: Village vs. Downtown Part 2

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Top Story: We have a special video clip: Behind the scenes of the Fireworks from 1998 and 2015. The video is 5 minutes long. 
Top Story Video
Disneyland In The News: In July we added 22 new articles. 

We now have over 1,800 Disneyland Articles!

Disneyland In The News
Spotlight on  is a column that will point out a little known area of DLDHistory that may interest you. This month we present a video: Halloween Screams Fireworks presented during Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland. Video was taken in 2014 and is 12 minutes long 

Spotlight On DLDHistory
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Top Story
Backstage Fireworks
Top Story
We have a special video clip: Behind the scenes of the Fireworks from 2008 and 2015. The video is 5 minutes long.   We have added it to our Misc Videos Page.

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Exclusive Articles

Senior Columnist

California vs. Paris: Village vs. Downtown Part 2

This month, in part two of my series of articles comparing Downtown Disney in the California Disneyland resort with the Disney Village in Disneyland Paris, I will be looking at the entertainment these areas have to offer.

Of the two, Disney Village seems to have much more of a variety of entertainment offerings, which includes PanoraMagique (a tethered hot air balloon much like "Characters in Flight" at Walt Disney World), Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, various forms of boat rides on Lake Disney, face-painters, a radio station, balloon modeling and bubble demonstrations.

In the past, this entertainment also included a road train, a night club called "Hurricanes" (now a Cast Member restaurant), and various midway attractions such as a test-your-strength machine and a mechanical rodeo bull.

Forms of entertainment which can be found at both Downtown Disney in California and the Disney Village include cinemas, arcade-style games, pin trading and, of course, live concerts.

Both Disney Village and Downtown Disney have live shows and DJs, both out in the open on dedicated stages, and inside some of their eateries. For example, there are often live jazz performers in Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen (Anaheim) or guest bands at Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon (Paris). The latter also has dance lessons three nights per week.

On the whole, I personally much prefer the entertainment offerings at Disney Village to those at Downtown Disney. This is because of the variety, the lower noise levels, no performers trying to sell their CDs, the multilingual abilities of the performers, and the fact that it is made clearer there as to what is on, and when.

In my next article, I will be looking more specifically at the seasonal entertainment found at Downtown Disney and the Disney Village.

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Disneyland In The News
Disney Wants To Invest $1 Billion At Disneyland In Exchange For No New Gate Tax
The Walt Disney Co. is seriously considering a $1 billion-plus expansion of the Disneyland Resort with new attractions, a new parking structure with at least 5,000 spots and other improvements to the massive theme park complex. In exchange for t ...
Disneyland Private Club Membership For 84-Year-Old Revoked Lawsuit Filed
The 84-year-old author of the book "Walt Dreamers Me" is suing the Walt Disney Co., alleging his lifetime membership in Disneyland’s exclusive and little-known Club 33 was wrongfully terminated after more than four decades. Joseph Cosgrove, a cl ...
Disneyland Anniversary Extravaganza In A Day Whew
What do you get the park that has everything for its 60th anniversary? Nothing, because giving a theme park a gift would be silly. Instead, Disneyland is celebrating its anniversary this summer with a new firework show and parade, along with a revamp ...
What Would Disney Build At Disneyland With $1 Billion
A Millennium Falcon ride? Going for a spin in an Iron Man suit? Disney executives have announced plans to spend $1 billion on new attractions in Disneyland and/or Disney California Adventure. Here are some options: 'Star Wars' More Yod ...
Peter Pan Flight Reopens At Disneyland
Visitors can fly over London and Neverland again. After a seven-month hiatus, an enhanced version of one of Disneyland’s original rides is back along with Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy, Captain Hook and Smee. The Peter Pan’s Flight attract ...
Sacramento Chimes In On Selfie Stick Ban At Disneyland
Disney announced it is banning selfie sticks from its U.S. parks, including Disneyland, starting Tuesday and the ban goes worldwide to their locations on July 1. New10's Emily Pritchard went around downtown Sacramento to see what people think of the ...
Tips To Stay Safe While Visiting Theme Parks Like Disneyland
A recent fatality at Six Flags Magic Mountain reminds fans that we are not immune to the risks of everyday life when we visit a theme park. State officials reopened the Revolution roller coaster at the Valencia theme park earlier this month afte ...
17 Creative Ways To Save Money At Disneyland
The "happiest place on earth" is a top destination on many families' bucket lists. If you plan ahead, this magical, unforgettable experience doesn't have to put a large dent in your budget. Here are some tried-and-true tips for saving money while en ...
Disneyland Updates Classic Rides Like Haunted Mansion With New Magic For 60th Anniversary
Guests visiting Disneyland these days will notice intriguing upgrades and changes to several classic, beloved attractions. As part of the park’s 60th anniversary celebration, the Haunted Mansion, the Matterhorn and Peter Pan’s Flight have all receive ...
Everything You Need To Know For The Perfect Disneyland Holiday
I’m on bended knee in front of hundreds of strangers when it strikes me that the magic never really dies. Beauty and the Beast – the 1991 Disney film that made history as the first animated movie up for Best Picture at the Oscars – was also ...
This Is Why Your Arms Will Not Get Torn Off On Disneyland Rides
You can’t help it, everytime you’re on a rollercoaster you stick your arms out and up even though there is a fear that they will somehow be torn off during an unexpected turn or drop in the ride. I know I feel this way everytime I ride Space Mountain ...
A Diamond Celebration In Sardineland
It had been three or four years since I had last been to Disneyland. But, on May 22, my mother and I went, just the two of us. That day was the opening day, for lack of a better term, of the park's Diamond celebration. As a part of that, the parks we ...
Growing Up In Disneyland
Don DeFore’s Silver Banjo Barbecue Restaurant in Frontierland Disneyland fans who have enjoyed the park numerous times might say they too "grew up in Disneyland." But my family’s story is a bit different. Our Mom loved to quote us kids saying, " ...
Blaine Gibson Disney Legend Behind Pirates And Haunted Mansion Dies At 97
Legendary Disney animator and sculptor Blaine Gibson, who designed some of the most iconic images in the company's theme parks around the world, died on Sunday, according to the Orange County Register. He was 97. Gibson worked alongside W ...
Disneyland 60 Things You Might Not Know About The Magic Kingdom
TV show named "Gunsmoke" made its debut, and another named "Make Room for Daddy" won two Emmys. Elvis Presley and Pat Boone had young hearts all shook up, and for the first time, they could listen to those crooners and others on a new gadget called a ...
Disneyland 60th Dress Like Its 1955
Of all the famous, oft-repeated tales regarding the opening day of Disneyland -- Ronald Reagan serving as a co-host, the extreme heat, the technical malfunctions, the unexpected crowds -- the one that sticks with fans is pretty darn sticky: Women's h ...
Reflecting On Changes At Disneyland
What could be more exciting for a 10-year-old? It was June 1955. My family had just driven across the country to our new home in Lakewood. Not only were we returning to our California roots, but the kids’ paradise of Disneyland was just about to ...
Happy Birthday Disneyland Happiest Place On Earth Turns 60
Like the animator and entrepreneur, Disneyland was ambitious and imaginative - a real-life play land for children and adults alike. Thomas, a longtime Hollywood reporter for AP and author of a Walt Disney biography who died in 2014, wrote that Disney ...
5 Disney Ride Ideas That Never Saw The Light of Day
Disney parks are known for bringing the magic of their movies and making it into a tangible experience for fans across the world. But as much success as Disney has had - magical or otherwise - not all of their ideas have been great enough to make it ...
Disneyland At 60 Behind The Opening Of The First Theme Park
July 17 marks the 60th birthday of Southern California’s Disneyland, and while fans were very excited about the opening, business people were worried that it was a high-risk venture. In a July 13, 1955, story four days before the opening, Variet ...
First Kids To Ever Visit Disneyland Reminisce
Michael Shwarther and his cousin Kristina Graef are now in their sixties, but back in 1955, they nudged their way through a 15,000-strong crowd to become the first kids ever to enter Disneyland. Now, a deeply poignant video has surfaced about th ...
Happy Birthday To Disneyland And To Tomorrowlands Forgotten Pig
Today, Disneyland's Tomorrowland is populated with characters from "Star Wars," "Toy Story" and, increasingly, figures from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But long before there were meet-and-greet sessions with the likes of Captain America or Thor, T ...
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New Photos

New Photos

In June we added 8 new Onstage. 

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Problems we have fixed on the site:

Some Archive articles were not displaying. 

Backstage Restaurant photos were not working those have been fixed. 

Corrected a problem in Photo Upload screen. 

Removed the DLDHistory Affiliate Program.

Starting in July we will be re-writing the site Search Engine functionality. 

We are looking at adding a Facebook plug in so that members can comment on articles and attractions.

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I was looking at DLDHistory one day and realizing the huge amount of content that we have that no other site has. The problem is trying to sort through all of it and put together a nice time line of the History of Disneyland. I also watched most of the Disneyland Historical DVD's available, official and unofficial. None of the DVD's seem to have the complete history of Disneyland including backstage photos and information about deaths and injuries, rare video clips etc.

This project has taken over 5 years to compile. We have created a full length Disneyland History DVD. 


The DVD series2015 version is a 17 disc set covering the full history of Disneyland. The discs are available as a box set. The DVD's contain all attraction openings, parades, deaths, injuries, trivia, backstage photos and lots more. To my knowledge no DVD has ever been created with this type of content.

We also offer a Current Attractions Version (5 discs). This has the history of only the attractions currently operating at Disneyland. The Current Attractions Version is already in the 17 Disc Box Set, this version is for people that only want information about the current operating attractions.

Our Gold members receive a 50% discount.

Here is an idea to save a bit of money: Upgrade to GOLD then purchase the DVD Full Box Set. You will save $5.00 over the cost of buying the box set only. You will get  LIFETIME ACCESS to all of our content PLUS our 17 disc Disneyland History Box Set! ($70 Gold Membership + $75 Box Set with Gold membership 50% discount=$145. Full retail for box set only= $150)

We are shipping series2015 version copies NOW!

BONUS: If you purchase the series2014 Box set you will be able to download the updated Chapter 8 DVD for free when we release it in July see below.

NOTE:  Full and Current Attractions Versions are available NOW!!. 

We no longer offer individual Chapters for purchase. A Box Set must be purchased.


CHANGES FOR series2015:

We have released our Fourth Release of Disneyland History DVD's (series2015) a few changes we have made:

Chapter 1-7 discs: Remove Deaths and Injuries from each disc.

Allow Chapter 8 disc (2010-Future) to be downloaded for members that have already purchase series2014 version.
If you purchase series2015 version starting in July 2016 you will be able to download the Chapter 8 update for free.

Reduce the Parades Chapter 9 to 1 disc

Move all Deaths and Injuries to a separate disc: Chapter 10

Discontinue the Family Version. By moving the Deaths and Injuries to a separate disc we hope that we will no longer need a separate Family Version. If you would like a Family Version order the full version and throw away the Chapter 10 disc.

The total number of discs will remain at 17 but we will also include a blank disc that can be used to download/create the next updated Chapter 8 disc.

The Box set prices have not changed we are holding the same as they were for series2014

We are also looking at making a Custom Version available by request. You will be able to choose which content the set contains for your Box Set. We have not decided on the price yet.


series2015 DVD Update Download:

If you purchased the series2014 box set (the discs will say series2014 on them) you can now download a series2015 update for free: DVD Update Download
We have also created a FAQ's for DVD Update Downloads


Comparison Of Previous series for members that have purchased previous versions



How To Become Current With Our Box Sets:
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series2015 Wait until July 2016 to download a update disc


Spot Light
Spotlight on is a column that will point out a little known area of 
DLDHistory that may interest you.

We have a special video clip: Halloween Screams Fireworks presented during Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland. Video was taken in 2014 and is 12 minutes long   We have added it to our Holiday Page.


Mickey's Halloween Party
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