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Welcome To Our March 2015 Newsletter

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Welcome to our March 2015 newsletter. Happy St. Patricks Day! As an early idea. We will again present all of our content for free for 24 hours on Disneyland's Birthday: July 17,2015..Also in July we will be releasing an updated version of Chapter 8 of our DVD set. Currently we are planning for anyone that purchases the DVD box set in 2015 will be able to download the Chapter 8 DVD for free. We have a special video clip: Ride through of the refurbished Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Video was taken in 2015 and is 3 and half minutes long.
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Our Disneyland History DVD's are the most popular item we have ever sold. We are shipping our series2014 version NOW. Our Full Version and Current Attractions version are currently available. Order your Disneyland History DVD Full version NOW and we will ship it in 3 days. As a bonus if you order the series2014 Box set in 2015 you will be able to download our updated Chapter 8 DVD for free when we release it in July ! We offer a 50% discount to our Gold Members. We do ship international orders also.

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Anaheim March temps are normally in the low 70's in the day time and in the low 50's at night. This month this would be a great month to visit the resort!
In February we added 5 new Onstage Photos including:  3 photos of classic attraction uniforms.

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Hugh Allison our senior columnist returns with  his new article:

California vs. Paris: The Hollows

Cal Jones our guest columnist returns with  his fourth article:

A Date With Disney

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Top Story: We have a special video clip: Ride through of the refurbished Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Video was taken in 2015 and is 3 and half minutes long.
Top Story Video
Disneyland In The News: In February we added 6 new articles. We now have over 1,800 Disneyland Articles!
Disneyland In The News
Spotlight on  is a column that will point out a little known area of DLDHistory that may interest you. This month we present a video: We have acquired a clip from the movie Saving Mr. Banks. The clip shows all of the Disneyland scenes from the movie. The clip is 5 minutes long. 
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Top Story
2015 Refurbished Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Top Story
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
We have a special video clip: Ride through of the refurbished Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Video was taken in 2015 and is 3 and half minutes long.  We have added it to our Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Page.

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Exclusive Articles

Senior Columnist

Guest Columnist

California vs. Paris: The Hollows

This month, I shall be comparing Pixie Hollow (in Disneyland) with Sleepy Hollow (in Disneyland Paris). 

Both are outdoor walk-around immersive attractions, culminating in a meet-and-greet.
The meet-and-greet in Anaheim is with Tinker Bell and at least one of her friends. In Paris, however, after experiencing queues often rivaling that of the nearby Princess Pavilion, only one character per day will greet Guests at Sleepy Hollow. This is usually Brom Bones or Katerina Van Tassel, whose walk-around performers tend to bear more than a passing likeness to Gaston and Cinderella respectively.

Pixie Hollow opened in 2008 to commemorate the cinema release of the first Tinker Bell film; Sleepy Hollow opened the year after, to commemorate the DVD release of the German cult cartoon classic Halloween in Sleepy Hollow. 

Both attractions are in the same geographical position: South East of Sleeping Beauty Castle. This puts Pixie Hollow right by Tomorrowland (although officially it is in Fantasyland), and Sleepy Hollow right by Discoveryland (although officially it is in Main Street, U.S.A.).

Pixie Hollow replaced Ariel's Grotto, which replaced the Alpine Gardens, which in turn replaced the Monsanto House of the Future. With this in mind, its position within the park right by Tomorrowland doesn't seem so odd, and the size of the nearby Matterhorn makes Guests being the same height as the fairies that little bit more believable.

Whilst it would seemingly make more sense for Sleepy Hollow to appear in the Paris park's Frontierland, perhaps near Phantom Manor, it was thought that this would cause confusion during the months when Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas do their meet-and-greets in that land.

Also, show producer Tim Delaney had long been fighting for Washington Irving references in Discoveryland, to go alongside the tributes to Leonardo da Vinci, Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. His original land concepts included: an eatery called Bracebridge Hall for where Videopolis now stands; a Salmagundi Store in the location of the current Star Traders; and a 3-D Rip Van Winkle film. Thus, in this context, it only seems fitting that Sleepy Hollow found its home a mere twenty paces from the Orbitron.

The audio in the Paris attraction is generally considered more annoying than that of its California counterpart, with the Headless Horseman track from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad being played on a loop, but with the lyrics not sung by Bing Crosby and The Rhythmaires (as per the film) but by French popstar Alizee. 

The structure of Sleepy Hollow is very similar to that of Pixie Hollow, and their ground plans are interchangeable.

Both feature scenic displays of water in the wait area, including some which is dyed red. This is presumably to represent blood in Sleepy Hollow, but the reason for the coloring in Pixie Hollow isn't made clear.

Around the water, both Hollows have similar props, including oversized mushrooms (in different colors) and a sign, which in Anaheim says "Fairies Welcome" and in Paris says "Beware Azrael". 
In the water, where a small boat can be found in Pixie Hollow, there is nothing in Sleepy Hollow except for an abandoned hat and a shattered pumpkin.


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A Date With Disney

The date had not been going at all well. Normally, Katie loved Disneyland. But, with Josh, her date, complaining the whole time, she felt herself going bonkers. While he was great when they were about ten yards away from getting on the rides, the rest was just a spout of anti-Disney prattle.

More often than not, she found herself spacing out, typically remembering the times she had gone there while she was in band. Those were some wonderful times, whether or not she was alone.

While they were walking through Frontierland, Josh challenged her at the Shooting Exposition. After agreeing and tucking her small Mickey-shaped lollipop into her pocket, she wondered if she should let him win, since it might tone down the complaining, but decided not to. He hit about half of his targets, while Katie hit all of hers. Needless to say, he was gobsmacked.

"Lucky shot. Again."

"Okay." Katie shrugged and they reloaded their quarters.

The exact same thing happened and he wanted another go, seeming to figure third time lucky. Of course, the whole process repeated. From behind her, she heard a Southern accented " Anybody else, want to challenge Miss Oakley?"

Even Josh chuckled. She was wearing jeans, her marching band shirt and a wide-brimmed fedora, like Indiana Jones. She must have looked a bit like a cowpoke.

"I'll be back," she gestured toward the Land's entrance. "I have to go to the bathroom."

Josh shrugged in a noncommittal way and followed.

She was only a few people away from it being her turn when she had a thought to make the day easier on both of them. It was certainly something, though she wondered what he would think.

"I was thinking," she said a few minutes later. "You're not having a good time here and because of that, neither am I. Since we payed our own ways in, why don't you just leave?"

He frowned, basically hating that she was right. With a surprisingly heavy sigh, he nodded. Katie smiled and leaned out her elbow. "Walk you to the gate?"

He smiled. "Okay. You know, I'm curious."

"About what?"


"Where'd you learn to shoot like that?"


She managed to hold herself back from saying "7-11" and, given his smirk, Josh seemed to know. Instead, she answered, "My father. He was always a bit of a gun enthusiast and insisted I know how to use one, be it a handgun or a rifle, or what have you. I never minded. Going to the shooting range was better than going to any mall, and it still is, unless it's got books or music."


"Music you listen to or music you play?"


"Either. I try to get back, with or without my dad, at least a couple times a month." "No BB guns or whatever?" "I used to. Just doesn't do it for me."



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Onstage Photos

Onstage Photos


In February we added 5 new Onstage Attraction photos. Including 3 photos of classic uniforms from the attractions.

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I was looking at DLDHistory one day and realizing the huge amount of content that we have that no other site has. The problem is trying to sort through all of it and put together a nice time line of the History of Disneyland. I also watched most of the Disneyland Historical DVD's available, official and unofficial. None of the DVD's seem to have the complete history of Disneyland including backstage photos and information about deaths and injuries, rare video clips etc.

This project has taken over 5 years to compile. We have created a full length Disneyland History DVD. 


The DVD series2014 version is a 17 disc set covering the full history of Disneyland. The discs are available as a box set. The DVD's contain all attraction openings, parades, deaths, injuries, trivia, backstage photos and lots more. To my knowledge no DVD has ever been created with this type of content.

We also offer a Current Attractions Version. This has the history of only the attractions currently operating at Disneyland. The Current Attractions Version is already in the 17 Disc Box Set, this version is for people that only want information about the current operating attractions.

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And A Comparison Of Previous series


Spot Light
Spotlight on is a column that will point out a little known area of 
DLDHistory that may interest you.

We have acquired a clip from the movie Saving Mr. Banks. The clip shows all of the Disneyland scenes from the movie. The clip is 5 minutes long. We have added it to our Misc Videos Page.

Saving Mr. Banks Video


Winter Castle
Saving Mr. Banks
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