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Welcome To Our May 2015 Newsletter

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Welcome to our May 2015 newsletter. We will again present all of our content for free for 24 hours on Disneyland's Birthday: July 17,2015. We will have more details for you in our June newsletter. Also in July we will be releasing an updated version of Chapter 8 of our DVD set. Currently we are planning for anyone that purchases the DVD box set in 2015 will be able to download the Chapter 8 DVD for free. We will also be making some minor changes the the site in July.

We have a special video clip: Complete ride through of the Haunted Mansion including the Hat Box ghost. The video is 6 minutes long. Recorded in 2015

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Our Disneyland History DVD's are the most popular item we have ever sold. We are shipping our series2014 version NOW. Our Full Version and Current Attractions version are currently available. Order your Disneyland History DVD Full version NOW and we will ship it in 3 days. As a bonus if you order the series2014 Box set in 2015 you will be able to download our updated Chapter 8 DVD for free when we release it in July ! We offer a 50% discount to our Gold Members. We do ship international orders also. We will also be making some changes to our series2015 version.

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Anaheim May temps are normally in the mid 70's in the day time and in the high 50's at night. This month this would be a great month to visit the resort!
In April we added 3 new Onstage Photos 

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K  our guest columnist returns with  his new article:

Disneyland And Imagineering Part 4

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Top Story: We have a special video clip: Complete ride through of the Haunted Mansion including the Hat Box ghost. The video is 6 minutes long. Recorded in 2015 
Top Story Video
Disneyland In The News: In April we added 11 new articles. 

We now have over 1,800 Disneyland Articles!

Disneyland In The News
Spotlight on  is a column that will point out a little known area of DLDHistory that may interest you. This month we present a video: 4th of July Fireworks At Disneyland. The clip is 8 minutes 19 seconds long and was recorded in 2014.
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Top Story
Disneyland Construction
Top Story
Disneyland Construction
We have a special video clip: Complete ride through of the Haunted Mansion including the Hat Box ghost. The video is 6 minutes long. Recorded in 2015.  We have added it to our Haunted Mansion Page.

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Exclusive Articles

Guest Columnist

Disneyland And Imagineering
Part 4

How to build an Amusement Park in 3 easy lessons

Last time we left off, opening day was rapidly approaching. Teams of artists were working in their respective areas and time truly was of the essence. I had mentioned briefly in closing that the lifestyle of the mid-50s was vastly different from that of any other decade. World War II had been over for almost ten years and the subsequent opening of the park would be two years and seven days after the Korean War ended. If the timing wasn’t good for a major park opening now, there never would be, and there was no doubt people were ready for some special place to escape. Additionally, we were almost ten years into the baby boom. That would provide a very large audience to almost exacting specifications, that is, families with children. Add to that an already established Disney library of films to draw from. Films and stories from the weekly television show would be a lead-in to many of the attractions, exhibits and special celebrations. Examples of special events that weren't "attached" to the park directly would be the personal appearances by Fess Parker, Annette Funicello and the Mickey Mouse Club. Looking back at what we now know, forthcoming themed rides and exhibits would be highly anticipated, from these two mediums, thus helping kick-start the park even more. It’s ironic because even with all that the company had available, the first few years would still be a trial by fire. Sure, it was a culmination of groundbreaking entertainment, but with all that was planned, roughly one year really wasn't enough time for completion of such a complex project, and that is why many of the designers and Imagineers felt that the real opening for the park was a year after the actual opening. There was no official announcement of that, but as we will soon see, all was not what it should have been on opening day and unforeseen, uncontrollable factors would wreak havoc some would actually be some of Disney's "best friends".

Cruising into Adventure

So aside from the films and television programs, where did the other concepts and ideas for the attractions come from? What was Walt hoping to fill his themed lands with and how was he going to make it happen?

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Other Articles By K:
Memories From The Mansion Disneyland And Imagineering
Disneyland And Imagineering Part 2 Disneyland And Imagineering Part 3
Disneyland And Imagineering Part 4  
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Disneyland In The News
Disneyland Ousts Old Disneyland Band Members Before 60th Anniversary
On July 17, 1955, the Disneyland Band debuted and became a core component of Disneyland Resort's entertainment lineup. On July 17, 2015, 60 years later, Disneyland will debut a new Disneyland Band, and old band members will either have re-auditioned ...
Disneyland Pass Price Unfair
Disneyland has been a place where many local residents and tourists turn to for a fun getaway. While some individuals and families are fortunate enough to visit Disneyland a few times in their lifetimes, some local residents have made it a tradition ...
California vs. Paris: Village vs. Downtown
This month, I will be starting a series of articles comparing Downtown Disney in the California resort with Disney Village in Disneyland Paris. Both Downtown Disney and Disney Village serve similar purposes. As well as providing more places for ...
A Visit With Uncle Walt
Walt Disney was a virtual family member for many of us growing up in the 1950s and early '60s. Jimmie and his Mouseketeer friends provided us with entertainment each afternoon on The Mickey Mouse Club, and our families gathered in front of the televi ...
Disneyland Ride Enhancements To Arrive For 60th Anniversary Celebration
Disneyland has already unveiled plans for a new fireworks show, a parade and "sparkling" features on two of its iconic buildings as part of the park's 60th anniversary celebration this summer.. Now Southern California's most popular theme park p ...
Tomorrowland Mystery Box Opens Reveals The Movie True Intentions
Director Brad Bird and writer Damon Lindelof have concocted something mysterious in Tomorrowland, Disney’s new live action adventure movie starring George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, and Britt Robertson. The initial annoucement about the film included a my ...
Disneyland Diamond Days Sweepstakes Will Give Away Diamonds
Imagine winning a Disney Diamond or a Cinderella glass slipper, or enjoying a private excursion and dinner in Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park. Those are a few of the exciting prizes that will be awarded to some lucky guests during ...
Disneyland To Offer New Souvenirs Snacks Drinks For 60th Anniversary
Disneyland's 60th anniversary celebration this summer will give the park a chance to unveil a new fireworks show, a new parade and a water and light show hosted by Mickey Mouse and Neil Patrick Harris.. But it will also give the park an opportun ...
On A Culinary Adventure At Disneyland
Disneyland is more than a fairytale getaway with all its variety of attractions, shows, and chance interactions with your favorite Disney characters. What often doesn’t come to guests’ attention is that it can also be the perfect place to experiment ...
60 Reasons To Visit Disneylands 60th Anniversary
You don't really need a reason to visit Disneyland. It is the happiest place on earth after all. But when was the last time you stepped onto Main Street U.S.A. and took a spin on Dumbo the Flying Elephant? If it's been awhile, you might want to ...
Least Expensive Day At Disney 24 Hours At Magic Kingdom Or Disneyland
Disney has the most popular amusement parks in the world, and their ticket prices reflect it. A 1-Day adult ticket to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Florida costs $105, and the same ticket to California's Disneyland is $99. With prices that hig ...
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Onstage Photos

New Photos

In April we added 3 new Onstage Parade photos. 

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Problems we have fixed on the site:

Some Archive articles were not displaying. 

Backstage Restaurant photos were not working those have been fixed. 

Corrected a problem in Photo Upload screen. 

Starting in July we will be re-writing the site Search Engine functionality. 

We are also removing the DLDHistory Affiliate Program. This program never really performed how we thought it should.

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Onstage Photos

"Roast Bob Gurr Party"

Carlene Thie, the driving force behind Ape Pen Publishing and a number of Disneyland print and video retrospectives -- many featuring the stunning photographs taken by her grandfather, Mell Kilpatrick, showing Disneyland under construction -- has put together a number of events over the years to celebrate the career of Bob Gurr.
"Bob is one of the nicest people you could ever be around," Carlene said of the legendary Disney ride designer. "He doesn't judge you, he loves everyone and everybody loves him. I love hearing his stories. When I'm hanging around with Bob, you get to here all his great stories."

All those great stories -- and then some -- will be on display June 13 when Carlene will host a roast for the man who has an incredible and well-respected resume of theme park attraction accomplishments.

The roast will take place in the Holiday Inn, 1240 S. Walnut St., Anaheim, Calif., 92802. The MC for the night is scheduled to be John Eaden of Disneyland Golden Horseshoe fame. The cast of roasters will include Marty Sklar, Garner Holt, Christopher Crump, Eric Johnston and Jeff Heimbuch.

As per Mr. Gurr's request, the night will have a 1950s theme.

And what does the gregarious Gurr have to say about the roast?

"Carlene has done so many events in my 'honor,' I told her I'd rather sit on the sidelines and find out what a mean, nasty nut I really am!

"Of course, I'd enjoy any made-up fantasies, too!"



I was looking at DLDHistory one day and realizing the huge amount of content that we have that no other site has. The problem is trying to sort through all of it and put together a nice time line of the History of Disneyland. I also watched most of the Disneyland Historical DVD's available, official and unofficial. None of the DVD's seem to have the complete history of Disneyland including backstage photos and information about deaths and injuries, rare video clips etc.

This project has taken over 5 years to compile. We have created a full length Disneyland History DVD. 


The DVD series2014 version is a 17 disc set covering the full history of Disneyland. The discs are available as a box set. The DVD's contain all attraction openings, parades, deaths, injuries, trivia, backstage photos and lots more. To my knowledge no DVD has ever been created with this type of content.

We also offer a Current Attractions Version (5 discs). This has the history of only the attractions currently operating at Disneyland. The Current Attractions Version is already in the 17 Disc Box Set, this version is for people that only want information about the current operating attractions.

Our Gold members receive a 50% discount.

Here is an idea to save a bit of money: Upgrade to GOLD then purchase the DVD Full Box Set. You will save $5.00 over the cost of buying the box set only. You will get  LIFETIME ACCESS to all of our content PLUS our 17 disc Disneyland History Box Set! ($70 Gold Membership + $75 Box Set with Gold membership 50% discount=$145. Full retail for box set only= $150)

We offer previews for each disc on our YouTube Channel. You Tube Channel (series2014 previews coming soon)

We are shipping series2014 version copies NOW!

BONUS: If you purchase the series2014 Box set in 2015 you will be able to download the updated Chapter 8 DVD for free when we release it in July.

NOTE:  Full and Current Attractions Versions are available NOW!!. 

We no longer offer individual Chapters for purchase. A Box Set must be purchased.


CHANGES FOR series2015:

Starting in July 2015 we will release our Fourth Release of Disneyland History DVD's a few changes we are looking at:

Chapter 1-7 discs: Remove Deaths and Injuries from each disc.

Allow Chapter 8 disc (2010-Future) to be downloaded for members that have already purchase series2014 version.

Reduce the Parades Chapter 9 to 1 disc

Move all Deaths and Injuries to a separate disc: Chapter 10

Discontinue the Family Version. By moving the Deaths and Injuries to a separate disc we hope that we will no longer need a separate Family Version. If you would like a Family Version order the full version and throw away the Chapter 10 disc.

The total number of discs will remain at 17 but we will also include a blank disc that can be used to download/create the next updated Chapter 8 disc.

The Box set prices have not changed we are holding the same as they were for series2014

We are also looking at making a Custom Version available by request. You will be able to choose which content the set contains for your Box Set. We have not decided on the price yet.


And A Comparison Of Previous series


Spot Light
Spotlight on is a column that will point out a little known area of 
DLDHistory that may interest you.

4th of July Fireworks At Disneyland. The clip is 8 minutes 19 seconds long and was recorded in 2014. We have added it to our Holidays At Disneyland Page.


4th Of July Fireworks
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