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Welcome To Our February 2015 Newsletter

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Welcome to our February 2015 newsletter. We have released of our 5 Disc Current Attractions version. Disneyland History DVD's Current Attractions series2014. This is our 3rd release of our Disneyland History DVD's. This will be the last time that we completely change the entire set. Starting this year all Discs will be the same as the series 2014 except for Chapter 8 (2010-). We will only be  updating Chapter 8 each year from this point forward.  This year we begin our 18th year online..Thank you everyone that has supported DLDHistory over the last 18 years!! We have a special video clip: Mickey's Soundsational Parade. Recorded in 2015 and is 14 and half minutes long.
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Our Disneyland History DVD's are the most popular item we have ever sold. We are shipping our series2014 version NOW. Our Full Version and Current Attractions version are currently available. Order your Disneyland History DVD Full version NOW and we will ship it in 3 days. We offer a 50% discount to our Gold Members. We do ship international orders also.

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Anaheim February temps are normally in the high 60's in the day time and in the high 40's at night. This month this would be a great month to visit the resort!
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Top Story: We have a special video clip: Mickey's Soundsational Parade. Recorded in 2015 and is 14 and half minutes long.
Top Story Video
Disneyland In The News: In January we added 4 new articles. We now have over 1,800 Disneyland Articles!
Disneyland In The News
Spotlight on  is a column that will point out a little known area of DLDHistory that may interest you. This month we present a video: Disneyland New Year's Eve It's A Small World DJ Party. Video was taken in 2013 and is 6 minutes long
Spotlight On DLDHistory
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Top Story
2015 Mickey's Soundsational Parade
Top Story
Mickey's Soundsational
We have a special video clip: Mickey's Soundsational Parade. Recorded in 2015 and is 14 and half minutes long.  We have added it to our Mickey's Soundsational Parade Page.
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Disneyland In The News
How Disneyland Is Like Apple
My family went to Disneyland over the Christmas holidays. The drive from San Francisco took most of a day. The park was packed to the rafters, with wait times of over an hour on many rides. My next credit card bill will probably give me a heart attac ...
Reflections On A Day At Disneyland
On vacation in Southern California over the holidays, we spent a day at Disneyland, giving my two sons (aged 2 and 4) a chance to spend the day with Mickey and friends, along with their parents, grandparents, aunt and uncle. Personally, it was my fir ...
Sorry Folks Park Closed A Disney Christmas
It might have been a rough Christmas for tourists visiting Disney's flagship theme parks on both coasts, but that is ultimately welcome news for the family entertainment giant's shareholders. Disney had to temporarily close Disneyland in Califor ...
Disneyland And Imagineering Part 3
How to build an Amusement Park in 3 Easy Lessons When we last left our Imagineers, a final location had been chosen, funding had been arranged, and crews were assembled that would begin by retaining trees and vegetation that could be utilized in ...
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I was looking at DLDHistory one day and realizing the huge amount of content that we have that no other site has. The problem is trying to sort through all of it and put together a nice time line of the History of Disneyland. I also watched most of the Disneyland Historical DVD's available, official and unofficial. None of the DVD's seem to have the complete history of Disneyland including backstage photos and information about deaths and injuries, rare video clips etc.

This project has taken over 5 years to compile. We have created a full length Disneyland History DVD. 


The DVD series2014 version is a 17 disc set covering the full history of Disneyland. The discs are available as a box set. The DVD's contain all attraction openings, parades, deaths, injuries, trivia, backstage photos and lots more. To my knowledge no DVD has ever been created with this type of content.

We also offer a Current Attractions Version. This has the history of only the attractions currently operating at Disneyland. The Current Attractions Version is already in the 17 Disc Box Set, this version is for people that only want information about the current operating attractions.

Our Gold members receive a 50% discount.

Here is an idea to save a bit of money: Upgrade to GOLD then purchase the DVD Full Box Set. You will save $5.00 over the cost of buying the box set only. You will get FULL LIFETIME ACCESS to our site PLUS our 17 disc Disneyland History Box Set!

We offer previews for each disc on our YouTube Channel. You Tube Channel (series2014 previews coming soon)

We are shipping series2014 version copies NOW!

NOTE:  Full and Current Attractions Versions are available NOW!!. 

We no longer offer individual Chapters for purchase. A Box Set must be purchased.

And A Comparison Of Previous series


Spot Light
Spotlight on is a column that will point out a little known area of 
DLDHistory that may interest you.

Disneyland New Year's Eve It's A Small World DJ Party. Video was taken in 2013 and is 6 minutes long

Disneyland New Year's Eve Video


New Year's Eve
New Years Eve
*Video Clips are available to our Silver, Diamond and Gold Members.*


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